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Kali is a Filipino martial art, which incorporates the use of weaponry to teach universal principles of motion.

Once the principles of Kali are understood, the practitioner can defend themselves with or without a weapon, and will have the ability to pick up just about anything and use it as a weapon (i.e. a pen, a broom, a car antenna).

Kali is a vast and complete art and has many areas including single stick, double stick, dagger, double dagger, stick and dagger, long weapons, flexible weapons, throwing weapons, and empty hand techniques.  While this may sound complicated, once the basic concepts are understood, the movements are easily transferred from one area to the next.

Kali is so efficient that it is often taught to special forces soldiers and has recently been featured in many Hollywood films such as the “Bourne Identity” Trilogy, featuring Matt Damon; and “The Hunted” starring Tommy Lee Jones.


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