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*** If you are looking for scheduling or pricing information, please CALL the Academy. We do not provide this information by email.

At Elite Martial Arts, our programs are customized to the needs and interests of each student. Without knowing more about you and your needs, it would be impossible for our staff to provide you with the proper information.

If you call us, we can understand more about your unique situation, and we will be better able to serve you.

If you are unable to call, you may follow the link below and submit your information and someone will call you to answer your questions.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to assisting you in the future.

1575 Palm Bay Rd NE #124
Melbourne, FL 32905

Conveniently Located on the Border of
Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL

For more specific information, or to schedule a FREE Class: call us at 321.956.2320 or Click the Button.

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