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Adult Programs

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The core martial art of our academy is Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do. (The art of the late, great, Bruce Lee.) What that means to our students is that, in accordance with Lee’s teachings, we only teach what is practical and efficient.  The result:  Real World Self Defense that works.

Benefits of our Adult Program include:

  1. A dramatically increased ability to protect yourself and your family.
  2. A fun and upbeat way to get into shape.
  3. Weight Loss and increased cardiovascular performance.
  4. Increased muscle tone and endurance as well as more flexibility and joint mobility.
  5. Stress Relief.
  6. Better coordination.
Relieve Stress in a Positive Way
Get a Great Workout
Learn Practical Self-Defense Skills
Have a Great Time with Great People


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Try a FREE Class
Try a FREE Class