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Guro Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee
Sifu Vito and Guro Dan Inosanto
At Elite Martial Arts, we have a prestigious lineage. Our Chief Instructor, Sifu Vito, is an Instructor under Dan Inosanto. (Bruce Lee’s most prominent student.)

Bruce Lee was always looking for new and better ways of improving his martial art.

At Elite Martial Arts, we continue that legacy.

We understand that the individual is more important than “styles”.  So while we teach multiple martial arts systems, we understand that a martial art is only functional when it takes into account the physicality of the participant.

A 90 pound woman should utilize different tactics than a 225 pound man.  While this seems to be common sense; in most martial arts schools the loyalty is to the “style” not to the student.

The end result is that the only students that do well are those that share the same physical attributes as the instructor.  Therefore, most students experience frustration and become dejected.

At Elite Martial Arts, we do not have a one size fits all mentality.  That is why we teach so many different martial arts styles.  By experiencing all of these systems, our students can pick and choose the techniques that work for them.  The end result is that students can customize their experience and become well-rounded martial artists.

More importantly, they have a lot of fun and get in great shape, while gaining an understanding of movement that is not often taught at most martial arts schools.


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